"The Reality of Aid 2012 Report,

Aid and the Private Sector : Catalysing Poverty Reduction and Development?

보고서 발간 "

ODA Watch 윤지영 정책기획팀장과 참여연대 이미현 간사가 공동 집필로 참여한 2012 RoA Report 입니다. 보고서 전체 주제는 원조와 민간(기업)이고 한국 챕터의 주제는 Infrastructure-Oriented ODA policy and increasing role of private sector in Development Cooperation. 입니다. 회원 여러분의 많은 관심 부탁드립니다.



The Reality of Aid 2012 Report, Aid and the Private Sector: Catalysing Poverty Reduction and Development? is available for download here.


The private sector is undoubtedly a major actor for creating economic opportunities for people living in poverty – through investment, decent employment, expanding markets, creating innovation and generating resources for government programs. But not all such investment or innovation has an impact on poverty and growing inequalities in many countries experiencing strong economic growth. Thus, while welcoming renewed attention to the private sector, this Reality of Aid 2012 Report highlights that such engagement must be coherent within the overall goals of development effectiveness and the creation of inclusive national development plans – focusing on reducing both poverty and socio-economic inequalities.

This Report is comprised of 30 contributions revealing experiences and insights from both aid-giving and aid-recipient countries. 

Contributing organisations include: The North-South Institute and Canadian Council for International Co-operation, EURODAD, APRODEV, ALOP, Equipo Pueblo, AID/WATCH, International Trade Union Confederation, Centro de Estudios y Promoción del Desarrollo – DESCO, 11.11.11 – Coalition of Flemish North South Movement, IBON International, African Forum and Network on Debt and Development, VOICE, AidWatch Canada, Abong (Brazilian NGO Platform) and Articulação SUL (South-South Cooperation Research and Policy Centre), South Asian Network for Social & Agricultural Development, CONCORD AidWatch Europe, KEPA - Service Centre for Development Cooperation, Coordination SUD, Oxfam Germany and German Association of Development NGOs, ActionAid Italy, Japan NGO Center for International Cooperation, ODA Watch and People's Solidarity for Participatory Democracy, Cercle de Coopération des ONG de développement, Oxfam Novib, Council for International Development, Diakonia and Forum Syd, Alliance Sud – Swiss Alliance of Development Organisations, and InterAction.